Seiki Soho project

Client: Seiki Soho is a newly founded company in Crete, Greece, dedicated to offering therapeutic Shinto Shiatsu Massages.

Project: We were hired to design a new version of the logo, 6 adhesive pieces of vinyl for the shop’s windows, a brochure, a lightbox, an A-frame sign and their Facebook ad.

Briefing: The owner is a dedicated student of Japanese therapeutic methods, and has a great experience on the subject of this particular oriental culture. She asked us to consider “re-viewing” Hokusai’s “Great wave off Kanagawa” painting as a basis of the company´s branding strategy.

Execution: The company already had a Japanese logo, which we incorporated into the new design. We felt it was necessary to open up the brand to Western society, were the clients belong, Furthermore, we created a digital copy of Hokusai’s “Great wave off Kanagawa”, rearranging its elements to fit the shops front windows, keeping in mind a gradual elevation towards the main entrance. The colours used are mainly derived from the original painting. We opted for a strategical repetition of the wave as a  theme for all other publicity materials, in order to ensure the brand´s memorability.






We hope you enjoyed what we´ve done with the project. Feel free to add your comments here below or, if you have a similar project in mind, please drop us a line here. We´ll be glad to hear from you!


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