RAI project

Client: Rai Recursos d´Animació Intercultural, a cultural space that has been around for 20 years in the cultural life of Barcelona.

Project: Brand Identity Renewal & poster design

Briefing: RAI is an assembly and independent association that functions as a platform for projects for social, cultural and educational transformation, offering a wide range of resources and initiatives through interculturalism, antiracism, active participation, autonomy and empowerment. individual and collective. It was founded in Barcelona in 1993, as an organization organizing international exchanges for young people who wanted to make an original journey of knowledge of other realities, but the experiences lived by all the people who have passed through RAI have made this project grow, generating multiple forms of participation. The strategic lines of RAI can be identified in 3 branches: the pedagogical, the social and political action and the artistic and cultural. Through them, the areas of action and the specific activities that take place are ramified.

We were asked to redesign the Logo in order to incorporate the project´s 30-year anniversary.

Execution: His old logo, which had not changed for about 20 years, was quite recognized among the people of the city, so when designing the new one, we made the decision to keep his basic concepts, while changing the image for a more modern one. Thus, we kept the image of the witch and globe, changing mainly the typography and layout of the design.



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