eBook “Preguntas para autobservarme & aprender de mí” no 10

Part of our voluntary work, this month we collaborated with the Non-profit Organization “Canary Island´s Association for Development of Health*” in the production of one of the eBooks they provide along with free courses for people with need.


The ebook´s original title is “Preguntas para Autobservarme y aprender de mí” – eBook 10, and it features texts by: José Esteban Rojas Nieto, José Parés Pérez, Isabel Hernández Negrín, Carlos Herrero Oses y Miguel Quintan.

Briefing: We were initially asked to re-edit the layout of the eBook.

Project: During the process of editing the content, we had to replace all the images with selected creative commons photographs, and re-design all the posters. The idea behind the cover design was to create the basis for a series of ebooks.

*Asociación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Salud a través de la Atención al Presente

We hope you enjoyed what we´ve done with the project. Feel free to add your comments here below or, if you have a similar project in mind, please drop us a line here. We´ll be glad to hear from you!


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