Social Ad Strategy ¡ editorial

Client: Jenny McCoy. Jenny is a marketing consultant with over ten years of experience leading digital strategy implementation in-house at major media companies. As a consultant, she focuses on helping small businesses establish sales funnels that are driven by social media.

Project: eBook Design

Book Description: In this ebook, you’ll learn five key strategic insights learned from over $10 million in social advertising spend over several years. In addition to a thorough explanation of each insight, you’ll also be given real-world examples to help you better understand how each insight can come to life in your next campaign.

Ideal Reader:

1) Junior-to-Mid Level Digital Media Professional: This reader will likely be managing campaigns or hoping to take on the management of campaigns in-house at a corporation.

2) Digital Media Executive: This reader will be interested in learning insights that will help them better manage the agency/vendor/employee who manages their advertising spend, but is not actually responsible for implementing it.

3) Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur: This reader is busy building their small business or startup and has either struggled to find success with past social advertising attempts or has not yet run any campaigns. They are looking for a baseline understanding of how to approach a spend in general.

Specifics: a very clean, minimal, modern aesthetic.

Overall goal: to cut through industry jargon and make social advertising much more accessible for those who are hoping to learn, but as of yet, have run into roadblocks tackling the subject.


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