Calle Sol project

Client: Calle Sol, a band from Barcelona.

Project: Cover art design for their album “Rumba Callejera”.

Briefing: In this first project of Calle Sol, Pierre Minetti invites more than 40 musicians from the streets of Barcelona to record an album of “mestizo music”. In it there are guests from all over the world and each one contributes his art, his influences and his heart. This album is the demonstration that mixing and combining cultures we can reach a better world.

Calle Sol is a group without borders that brings together several artists who vibrate in the city of Barcelona and fight for a better world. Calle Sol is a mix of styles, a salsa of rhythms, a melodic jam. This group is integrated into the musical current that characterizes the city of Barcelona: “mestizo music”. This musical genre that was born in the streets of the center of Barcelona is an “ethnicomusical” fusion that mixes different styles such as salsa, reggae, rock, ska. Calle Sol is made up of 5 musicians from France, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Mexico.

This group that makes a sensation in the “underground” stages of the Catalan city presents its first album “Barcelona style”, an album with more than 30 musicians invited from around the world with themes, in Spanish, English and French. The compositions are by Pierre Minetti, a Frenchman of Uruguayan origin who lives in Barcelona. To have more information about this group you can consult their website



La Banda

Músicos invitados



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